Bathroom remodeling

Bathroom Remodels Maximize Your Home’s Value

Updating that tired, dingy power room or vintage 80s master suite is also worth it for the bump in home value you’ll realize. In fact, Daily Finance listed a bathroom renovation as the second best remodeling project (after kitchen remodeling, of course!) in the “Best Bang for Your Buck” category.

Within a year or two of completion, you will recoup most of your cost through an increase in your home’s value. If you plan to stay in your home for even just a few years, you might well be money ahead!

But there’s more to value than money and, in your home, your comfort, safety and enjoyment are irreplaceable assets.

Bathroom remodeling Salt Lake City

A Bathroom Remodel Can Prevent Costly Failures and Repairs

If your master, powder or guest bath hasn’t been updated in a decade or more, you may be heading toward some potential problems and large repair bills.

Faucets and fixtures wear out (especially if you have the typically high-mineral Utah tap water), sewer lines degrade, countertops become stained and discolored, and mold builds up in corners you can’t reach. Although some of these problems are purely aesthetic, others could become a safety issue.

A broken pipe or sewer line can cause flooding and devastating water damage in your home. And everyone is aware of the dangers potentially posed by toxic mold.

Even if you don’t mind your dated bathroom style, consider updating your bath for more practical reasons.

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