Add Some Value to Your Home

You have the space already, so why not do something with it? You can double your home’s square footage when you make your basement a livable space. Finished basements do add to the value of your home, just at a lower percentage than adding a room on the main floor.

Our basement finishing contractors comply with building permits and code compliances, and when it’s finished, you can officially add this space to your home’s square footage. For example, if you added bedrooms or bathrooms, these will be officially counted. You want this extra space to be counted, so don’t rely on an unlicensed contractor. All our contractors at Beesley Construction are licensed, and you’ll be satisfied with our legitimate services.

Space for Growing

A finished basement gives you numberless possibilities. Whether your family is growing or you want some space for hobbies and interests, we can finish your basement for whatever type of space you want. Some popular options include: guest bedrooms, playrooms, game rooms, craft rooms and home gyms. It doesn’t end there, though. Whatever the project, our professional basement finishing services will deliver the space you want.

Layout & Design

Let Beesley Construction turn your Salt Lake City basement into a space that’s valuable for you. Our professional design team can come up with the perfect layout to accomplish the goals you have in mind. Additionally, we’ll match everything to your style, while sticking to your budget. You also won’t need to worry about permits, inspections and code compliance. We’ll take care of that.

If you’re ready to spruce up your basement in Salt Lake City, Beesley Construction is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our basement finishing services.