Beesley Construction's commercial general contractors in Cottonwood Heights

Apartment Remodeling & More

Apartment remodeling and commercial renovations are a specialty at Beesley Construction. Our contractors serve a variety of businesses and commercial properties across the Cottonwood Heights area. Some of these renovations include:

  • Apartment remodeling – With the mountains and ski resorts nearby, Cottonwood Heights is a popular place to rent apartments. Catch the attention of high-quality renters in the area with an apartment renovation for your building.
  • Office & Clinic Remodeling – If you want to renovate your office or clinic, you’ve got a lot of options. Beesley Construction can help you expand your space, improve break or waiting rooms, even renovate your bathrooms. We get to work fast, so your business doesn’t have to wait to enjoy the perks of the new remodel.
  • Build Outs – There are a lot of beautiful older buildings in the Cottonwood Heights area that are perfect for storefronts and other commercial needs. Beesley Construction’s general contractors can expand or remodel your commercial space before you open for business.

Start Your Remodel and Call Us Today

Our experienced contractors are licensed, bonded and insured, so you know our team is reliable. We’ll give you an honest estimate for your next project, so you don’t have to do the guesswork later. With all of our commercial remodeling projects, we can work quickly and discretely if you want to keep your business open while you remodel. Learn more about Beesley Construction at 385-743-0215 to learn more about our commercial remodeling in Cottonwood Heights.